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A Message From Dr. Changchun Wu


     I am Dr. Changchun ( Alex ) Wu, a family physician now relocated and practicing in Lilburn, GA. since February 2018 and accepting new patients.

     I am a physician affiliated with Piedmont Clinic and for the last 10+ years I practiced medicine and treated the most complicated cases at a large family clinic in McDonough, GA.  

     We all know that in the last 20+ years the Health industry has changed dramatically and doctors now spend less and less time with patients. Patients are asked to do many tests and given referrals while insurance companies are setting up higher deductibles. 

     Many patients still end up not knowing what their medical conditions really are. In many cases, only your symptoms  , not underlying medical causes, are being treated. If you are frustrated by this then I am the physician you are looking for. Being a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years prior to my medical training in UW-Madison Medical School, has also helped me understand how drugs interact with the human body. This knowledge will also be shared with each of our other Providers and has empowered us to provide our patients with the most accurate medications that have the least side effects.  


  At my clinic, I will promise to you the following:

      We will spend quality time listening to you.

      We will analyze each of your symptoms and develop a diagnostic treatment plan.

      Not only will we treat your major complaints but also the hidden underlying medical conditions that are causing your symptoms in the first place.      

      We look forward to serving you. Please call 678.583.888 and make an appointment to see me at my Peachstate Family Clinic.



     Dr. Changchun " Alex " Wu 

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